Correo Gallego building

This building was the printing house for the Correo Gallego newspaper. The daily newspaper was founded in Ferrol in 1878 and was published here until in 1936 it moved to Santiago de Compostela. It is still a leading newspaper in Galicia today. In Ferrol at the turn of the century, it was a benchmark newspaper and known informally as the “Ferrolano” newspaper. Writers of note such as Emilia Pardo Bazán and Eduardo Pondal contributed their printed writings and chronicles to this hundred-year-old newspaper.

Between 1912 and 1913, Rodolfo Ucha directed the expansion and renovation of the old business which was located in the basement and ground floor, and added two more floors. These plots have a layout with interior patios which used to catch the midday sun. The façade was decorated with a costly design of capitals and wrought iron which give the building its distinct personality. The façade has plant and geometric motifs which are repeated despite the different construction materials used. The design and decoration of its recesses and of the voluminous cornice is spectacular. Everything contributes to the sensation of grandeur.