Romero house

In Plaza de Galicia, we can see a building which occupies the length of the block:

ROMERO HOUSE( Iglesia street / 13 Concepción Arenal street / 112 Magdalena street)

Designed by Rodolfo Ucha between 1909 and 1910.

Two classic types of plots are grouped together: two corners and one middle plot. Canary pine planks were used in the construction. The traditional floor plan contrasts with the dynamic articulation introduced by the large number of windows and galleries in an elaborate Art Nouveau style. They are positioned vertically one above another.

The corner bay windows, curved and full, display finely-detailed artisanal carving in the carpentry. The central section, with elaborate inbuilt mullions, marks the axes of symmetry and the upper section is completed with an anthropomorphic figure centred on an ornamental comb motif.