San Xurxo

We do an about turn, go back to the CP-3607 and continue our route south until we reach the beach at San Xurxo

This is a wide beach of golden sand in the shape of a half-shell, with crystal-clear waters, and is located in beautiful natural surroundings cradled by San Xurxo hill and close to the Fragata and Esmelle beaches. The beach has a length of 1,800 metres and is 100 metres wide.

It is also known as the beach of two rivers, as the river Esmelle and the Juncal stream flow into the sea here. The sea bed is shared with Esmelle, Fragata and Vilar beaches as they are in fact only separated by a few rocks. The sea currents and swell together with the prevailing north-west wind make this an ideal beach for surf, bodyboard and windsurf lovers.

Behind the sand dunes at San Xurxo, there is a wetland fed by the San Xurxo and Juncal streams where their flow is interrupted by the presence of the dune system. This small lagoon, which is in an advanced stage of silting, is almost totally covered by a thick reed bed which is an ideal refuge for many water birds.